Lullaby Of Broadway

Words & Music:

Harry Warren


C                 F             G7         C

Come on along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway.

C                  F             G7         C

The hip-hooray and ballyhoo, the lullaby of Broadway.

F          Gm7  C7            Gm7        C7     F

The rumble of a subway train, the rattle of the taxis.

F        Gm7      C7            Gm7      C7  F

The daffydils who entertain, at Angelo's and Maxie's.

G7     C        A7   Dm7                      G7           C

When a Broadway baby says, "Good night." it's early in the morning.

C         A7     Dm7         Fm6   G7        C

Manhattan babies don't sleep tight until the dawn.


F    Gm7    F   C9  F F7 Bb  Bbm6   F         C7     F

Good night, ba--by, good night----, milkman's on his way.

F     Gm7    F   C9  F F7  Bb  Bbm6   F          C7   F    G7

Sleep tight, ba--by, sleep tight----, let's call it a day. Hey!


Come on along and listen to, the lullaby of Broadway.

The hi-dee-hi and boop-a-doo, the lullaby of Broadway.

The band begins to go to town, and everyone goes crazy.

You rock-a-bye your baby round, 'til everything gets hazy.

Hush-a-bye I'll buy you this and that, you hear a daddy saying.

And baby goes home to her flat, to sleep all day.


Good night, baby, good night, milkman's on his way.

Sleep tight, baby, sleep tight,

F     C7   G#dim  F Db7

Let's call it---- a day!

    Gm7           F    Dm    Db7    C9   F

And listen to the lullaby of old--- Broadway!


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