Love For Sale

Words & Music:

Cole Porter


Notes from the transcriber:  "...This tune is a real workout for guitar due to it being in the key of Bb, but the important thing is to keep it mucho molto...  On the F augmented (F+) chords, hold for a half note, palm your pick and attack the triads in a quarter-note fashion and stay on top of the beat until the chord change.  I've been performing this song for about 7 years now, but if I have made an error, please forward all corrections to


         Bb             Ab

When the only sound in the empty street is the

Gb              Fm                      Ebm     Ab7     Db

heavy tread of the heavy feet that be-long to a lonesome cop

F       F7      Bbm     Cm7

I       open    shop


F7      Bb7                     Ab7    

When the moon so long has been gazing down on the

F#7             E7                      A                  Ab   Ab7

wayward ways of this wayward town that her smile becomes a smirk

F       F7        Bb

I           go to work


Eb              Bbm

Love for        sale

Eb                        Bbm

Appetizing young love for sale

Eb                    Ab7

Love that's fresh and still unspoiled

Db              Ebm

Love that's only slightly soiled

Bbm     F7+5    Bbm

Love for sale


Eb              Bb

Who will        buy?

Eb                      Bb

Who would like to sample my supply?

Eb                Ab7

Who's prepared to pay the price

Db              Ebm

For a trip to paradise?

Bbm     F7      Bbm

Love for sale


Ebm             Ab7             Db

Let the poets pipe of love      In their childish way

Ebm7            Ab7             Db              Bbm7

I know every type of love       better far than they

Bb7                             Ebm

If you want the thrill of love  I've been through the mill of love

Gb      Ebm     Edim    C7

Old     love    New     love

B7              Bdim

Every love but  True love


Eb              Bbm

Love for        sale

Eb                      Bb

Appetizing young love for sale

Eb              Ab7             Db              Ebm

If you want to but my wares     Follow me and climb the stairs


F+              Bbm     Bbm7

Love for        sale

Bbm6    Eb7     Ebm7    F+      Edim    Ebm6    Bb

Love for                        sale





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