Les Boys

Words & Music:

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)


D   Ddim D  G   D        G6   D   G    D7    G

Les Boys do cabaret, Les Boys are glad to be gay.

Am G D        Ddim D                   Ddim  D  G  D    G/D

      They're not afraid, now, a disco bar-- in Germany.

D   G6   D   G    D7 G Am G D  Ddim D         A

Les Boys are glad to be---- upon parade, now.


D   Ddim D   G    D            Em/A D   G D7 G

Les Boys got leather caps, Les Boys got S.S. caps.

Am G         Ddim   D

   But, they got no gun, now.

A+ D           Ddim    D G      D

   Get dressed up, get a little risquŽ.

    Bdim  D        Em    D6 D7       G     Am/G  G

Got to do a little S & M------ these days.

D7       G             Em7  D

It's all in fun, now.


G   Gm   G                                 D+

Les Boys come one again for the high-class whores.

G   Am/G    G           C            Em/G E7/B       E7

And the businessmen who drive in their Mercedes Benz

A                     D

To a disco bar in old MŸnchen.


D            Ddim  D        G D

They get the jokes that the D.J. makes.

         Em/A        D    G    D7 G    Am/G G       Ddim    D

They get nervous and they make mistakes.    They're bad for business.

A+ D    Ddim    D      G  D       Bdim

   Some tourist take a photograph.

D           Em    D6 D7   G   Am/G G D7 G

   Les Boys don't get one laugh------he says they're useless.


D7 G                                                        [spoken]

   Late at night, when they've gone away, Les Boys dream of Jean Genet.

C                E7                     A7+

High-heel shoes and black beret and the posters on the wall that say:

Ddim   D  G D              G6   D   G          G

  Les Boys do cabaret; Les Boys are glad to be gay...

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