Last Train And Ride

Words & Music:

Ralph McTell


C                    Em9           F                     Ab  Ab(add 9)

When I told you I was leaving, you didn't believe what I said.

C             C/B      Am    Am7        D9           G

You just went right on sleeping, rolled over in your bed.

C                           Em9

Now, were you surprised to open up your eyes,

   F                     Ab

To find that I had moved on?

      C                                 Am         Am7

Well, honey, your loving man has packed all of his things,

C          G              C

Taken that last train and gone.


You can't say I didn't warn you, I told you 'bout a hundred times.

You had 57 ways of being mean to me, 57 varieties like Heinz.

But now I've had enough of that same old stuff,

So I'm moving on.

Oh, honey, your loving man has packed all of things,

And taken that last train and gone.


I really hope you're feeling sorry for all the times you made me cry,

Oh, you could've made life sweeter, babe, but you did not even try.

See you around, but not in this old town, your man is moving on,

Honey, your loving man has packed all of things,

And taken that last train and gone.

He has, taken that last train and gone.


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