Key To The Highway

Words & Music:

Big Bill Broonzy & Charles Segar


The Big Bill Broonzy version is transcribed in the September 2008 issue of Acoustic Guitar.  It was originally in the key of E and in 12/8 time.  It has become a blues staple, so you will find as many lyric variations as you will covers.


INTRO:  E7  D7  A7   B7


B7        A          E7

I got the key to the highway.

D                                D7

Yes, I'm billed out and bound to go.

          A               E7

I'm gonna leave here running,

E7             F#m7         A   E7  A

Because walkin' is most too slow.


I'm going down to the river,

Yes, I'm gonna take my rocking chair;

I'm gonna have blues and troubles,

I'm gonna rock on away from there.


I'm going down to the border,

Yes, baby where I'm better know,

Cause you haven't done nothin' here little girl,

But drive a good man from his home.


Now give me one, old kiss baby,

Yes, just before I go;

Cause when I leave this time, my little girl,

I declare, Bill won't be back no more.


Now when the moon peeps over the mountain,

Now you know I'll be on my way;

I'm gonna walk, walk this old highway,

Babe, until the break of day.


So long, good-bye,

Yes I hate to say good-bye,

I'm gonna walk, walk this old highway,

Babe, until the day I die.

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