I've Got You Under My Skin

Words & Music:

Cole Albert Porter (1936)


Thanks again to Jumbo Jim for the chords.  The Jim Hall cover of this song is transcribed in the December 2005 issue of Guitar One.


A7    Em7    A7           Dmaj7 Bm7

I've got you    under my skin;

A7    Em7    A7              Dmaj7       Bm7

I've got you    deep in the heart of me,

D   Em7             A7                Dmaj7       Bm7

So deep in my heart   you're nearly a part of me;

F#m  Em7     A7           Dmaj7 D6

I've got you    under my skin.


A7   Em7      A7             Dmaj7 D6

I've tried so    not to give in;

   Gm6       G/b        A7    C#          Dmaj7  D6

I said to myself, "This affair  never can go so well."

     C#m7-5              F#7                    Fdim     B

But  why should I try to resist, when Darling I know so well

     G6  Gm   A7          Dmaj7 D6

I've got you    under my skin.



     A6                  A7

I'd sacrifice anything, come what might,

         D      Gdim        D7

For the sake of having you near,

    D6           G                 Gm      

In spite of the warning voice that comes in the night

         D         Cdim         A7

That repeats and repeats in my ear,

            Bm                G     A7        D

"Don't you know, little fool,  you never can win?

Fdim         Em7     G/B      A7       D         A+

Use your mentality  -    wake up to reality."

     D          G               Gm           

But each time I do, just the thought of you

          D     Am       B7

Makes me stop before I begin -

[n.c.]      Em7      A7-9          D      D6

'Cause I've got you      under my skin,


     Em7     G/B A7       D     Gdim    D

I've got you    under my skin.


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