I Wanna Be Around

Words & Music:

Johnny Mercer & Sadie Vimmerstedt


Best Schadenfreude/sour grapes song ever.  Tony Bennett & Frank Sinatra both did great covers of this.  Lyrics & chords courtesy of Jumbo Jim's.


   C         C9       C           Cdim

I wanna be around to pick up the pieces

      Dm7      Edim         Dm7    G7

When somebody breaks your heart,

      Dm7     Edim     Dm7   G9 C   Cdim   Dm7    G7

When somebody twice as smart as I.

   Bbmaj7  Amaj7     Bbmaj7      A7

A somebody who will swear to be true,

     Dm          A7      Dm    Dm+7   Dm7    Dm6

Like you used to do with me,

        D           D7          Dm          Dm7   G7          G7+5

Who'll leave you to learn that mis'ry loves company - wait and see!


   C         C9       C         Cdim   

I wanna be around to see how he does it,

     Dm7            Edim     Dm7   G7

When he breaks your heart to bits;

Cdim  Dm7        Edim   Dm7  F  E7      Bm7-5    Fdim     E7

Let's see if the puzzle fits so fine.

 Bm7-5              A7           Bm7-5     A7

That's when I'll discover that revenge is sweet,

   D9              D7             D9        D7

As I sit there applauding from a front row seat

       Dm                  Dm7

When somebody breaks your heart

     Dm7-5  G7/6   C    Edim  Dm7  G   G+

Like  you   broke mine.


[INSTRUMENTAL HALF-VERSE -- 1st 3 lines of verse]

Bm7-5               A7           Bm7-5      A7

That's when I'll discover that revenge is sweet,

   D9             D7              D9       D7

As I sit there applauding from a front row seat

      Dm                   Dm7

When somebody breaks your heart

    Dm7-5     G7/6        C    Fdim   G     Cmaj7

Like you, like you broke mine.


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