I Remember It Well

Words & Music:

Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe (Gigi)


[capo 3 ]


          C                                   CM7

We met at nine.                     We met at eight.

         C6                                      C

I was on time.                      No, you were late.

    C        Gdim7     G7

Ah, yes! I remember it well!


              Dm7                              G7

We dined with friends.              We dined alone.

        Dm7                               G7

A tenor sang.                       A baritone.

    Dm7      G7        C

Ah, yes! I remember it well!


F                                             F6                      Fm

That dazzling April moon.           There was none that night and the month was June.

       C             A7                         Dm                 G7

That's right! That's right!         It warms my heart to know that you

                                             C                 C7

                                    Remember still the way you do

    F        F6        C  G7  C

Ah, yes! I remember it well!


Cm             G7              Ebdim7  G7

How often I've thought of that Friday night

        Cm           D7     G

When we had our last rendezvous.

      Ebm        Bb7       Ebdim7  G

And somehow I've foolishly wondered

       Am            D7        Dm7             G7

If you might by some chance be thinking of it, too?


That carriage ride.                 You walked me home.

You lost a glove.                   I lost a comb.

Ah yes! I remember it well!


That brilliant sky.                 We had some rain.

Those Russian songs.                From sunny Spain?

Ah yes! I remember it well!


You wore a gown of gold.            I was all in blue.

Am I getting old?                   Oh no! Not you!

                                    How strong you were, how young and gay.

                                    A prince of love in every way.

Ah yes! I remember it well!


Gdim7 = X X 2 3 2 3  |  Ebdim7 = X X 1 2 1 2


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