High-Priced Blues

Words & Music:

Traditional American


Try sliding into the chords, i.e. Db to D; Ab7 to A7; etc.


D                                    D7

I'll tell you something, ain't no joke,

D                      D7

High cost of livin' is keepin' me broke.



G7                           D

Prices goin' higher, 'way up higher,

                A7         G7          D    G7    D    A7

Prices goin' so high, what more can we do?


Walked in a meat market just about noon

Hear them hollerin', "Now the cow jumped over the moon."




Johnny's gone to war, Jimmy's gone to sea,

But I tell you high prices is killin' me.




Meat, Butter, and eggs gettin' higher still,

You don't even get go change out of a five-dollar bill.


CHORUS:  [last line is:]

Well, it's no disgrace to be poor, but it's a little unhandy for me.


The horses and the numbers; odds are still the same,

Looks like the prices would raise ten per cent on the game.


CHORUS:  [last line is:]

Prices goin' so high, I don't think I will work no more.


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