Get On With Your Life

Words & Music:

Gregg Allman (1991)


Here's a stab at the chords.  Corrections welcome.  The F#, Ab & C7(add#9) chords are for variety and can be left out if you want.  In other words, you can make this a straight blues song, if you prefer.


INTRO:  F7/Eb  E7/D  F7/Eb  E7/D  |  C  Ab/Eb  C  G/D


C7                                     F7a

I went around to your house, found you laid up in the bed.

   C7                                                     (C7(add#9))

By early afternoon you were so sloppy drunk, you couldn't even raise up your head.

        F7b                      F#7                        C   C7

So, get on with your life, baby; please, let me get on with mine.

      G7                               Ab7

These days and your ways are so painful,

Ab7         G7                       C7    F7/Eb  Ab  G

You're just wasting all our precious time.


Since first I knew your name, I wasn't sure that you really cared.

Spent most of your time with the other boys & it's been all downhill from there.

So, get on with your life, baby; please, let me get on with mine.

Each day brings a new confusion; another way to break this poor heart of mine.



        F7                                 F#dim7

I can't begin to count the times that I've told you


You better change all your wicked ways.

             F7                F#dim7

But I'm real sure whatever the number,

             Ab7                                 G7

Ah, it's the same as the times you laughed in my face.




Won't somebody please wake me from this bad dream?

I remember my grandmama told me, "Things ain't always what they seem."

So, get on with your life, baby; please, let me get on with mine.

Each day brings another confusion,

It's about to break this poor heart of mine.

Oh, I'm gonna lose my only mind.

Baby, please, don't you break this poor heart of mine.



F7a = x 0 1 2 1 x       C7(add9) = x 3 2 3 4 x

F7b = 1 3 2 3 1 1       F#dim7   = 2 0 2 3 2 0


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