Gear Jammer

Words & Music:

George Thorogood

Tabber:  antwanman12


Man, this is a great, underknown tune of George's.  Enjoy!







A------------------------ +-----------------------------------------+


[play 4x until sax joins then 4 more times before vocals come in.]


Running my rig around ninety-five,

Rockin' and rollin' in overdrive.

My heart's beating like a jackhammer,

It's the midnight ride for the gear jammer.


Nine long days through twenty-three states,

I gotta see my baby soon you know I just can't wait.

The police catch me I'll end up in the slammer,

'Cause the law don't want no gear jammer.


Running my rig in a mighty high gear,

I don't care where I go just long as it ain't here.

Something gets in my way you know I'm gonna ram it,

Nobody fools around with this gear jammer.


Running my rig about ninety-five,

I'm a-rockin' and a-rollin' in overdrive.

My heart's beating like a jackhammer,

Don't you get in the way of this gear jammer.

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