Easy Money

Words & Music:

Rickie Lee Jones


I'm still looking for the chords to this.


There was a Joe leanin' on the back door.

A couple Jills with their eyes on a couple bills.

Their eyes was statin', they was waitin'

To get their hands on some easy money.


They flipped a dime.  One said "Well, I'll take heads this time."

One stepped up, one stepped back, one loosened her shoulder strap.

She couldn't speak, her knees got weak.

She could almost taste that easy money.


There was this old black cat sittin' in a old black cadillac

The Joe smelled sweet, she curled up at her boyfriend's feet

She said "I got a plan.

Listen, Sam, how'd ya like to make some easy money?"

He say, "Yes!  Oh, yes!  Jus' tell me what you want me to do."

She said, "Baby, you can trust me.

Baby, but you must be hidin' in my room at a quarter to two."

Well, the cat told the boy, "Come up to the room and play with my toy."

But the Jill set the bait and she wasn't gonna sit around and wait.

But this guy was wise to all the lies and he flies out the door

With the easy money.


Because there ain't no man who got the money in his hand

Who got any of that bread by bein' slow in the head.

The easier it looks, the hotter it hooks,

There ain't no such thing as easy money.

We say, "Yes!  Oh yes!"


INSTRUMENTAL HALF-VERSE:  [last half of previous verse]


Saturday night, there was a terrible, terrible fight

Between two dames who was losin' the same game.

It wasn't clear, but I hear somebody was lookin' for some easy money.


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