Catfish Blues

(Lightnin' Hopkins variation)

[see also "Rollin' Stone", "Still A Fool" & "Two Trains Runnin'"]

Words & Music by:

Nehemiah Curtis "Skip" James


            E7                              A7

You know, I wished I was a catfish swimming in that deep blue sea.


I'd have all the good-looking women there, boy, fishing after me.


Fishing after me, ooh ooh...


I went down to my baby's house &B she said, "Lightnin', come on in.

Ain't nobody here with me, good Lord,

You know I'm your friend."


You know, I went down to my baby's house.

Lord, I sat down on them steps.

She said, "Come on in this house, Lightnin', husband just now left.

My husband just now left, sho nuff, I'm by myself, he just now left..."


You know, I went down to the river; started to jump overboard and drown.

I thought about that little mama and I turned around.

I went walking back to town, back to town, back to town,

Sho nuff, back to town...


You know, I wish I was a catfish swimming, Lord, in that deep blue sea.

I'd have all the good-looking womens fishing after me.

Fishing after me, sho nuff, ain't lying, mmm mmmm...



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