Candyman Blues

(original version)

Words & Music:

Mississippi John Hurt


Well, all you ladies gather 'round.


The good, sweet candyman's in town.

         E7              A

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.


He got a stick of candy nine inch long.

Fills his fast as a hog chews corn.

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.


All the husbands, Mr. Jones, he said,

You always take sticks of candy to bed.

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.



A                                                 E7

You and the candyman are getting' mighty sick, uh-huh.

A                                      E7

Must be stuck on the candyman's stick, yeah!


Don't stand too close to the candyman,

He'll leave a big candy stick in your hand.

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.


Sister thought his candy stick was bad.

Very next day she took all he had.

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.


If you try his candy, good friend of mine,

You sure will want it for a long, long time.

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.


His stick of candy don't melt away.

It just gets better, so the ladies say.

He's the candyman, sweet candyman.


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