Boom Boom

Words & Music:

John Lee Hooker


This is fully transcribed in the January 2001 issue of Guitar One.


Intro tab:  [bass/vox part in parentheses]















[n.c.]         E7     [n.c.]                    E7

Boom boom boom boom.  I'm gonna shoot you right down.

[n.c.]          A7

Right off of your feet.

[n.c.]             E7  [n.c.]        B7

Take you home with me, put you in my house.

A7             E7

Boom boom boom boom.


How, how, how, how.


Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.  Hm, hm, hm, hm.

I love to see you strut up and down the floor.

A7                    E7

When you talking to me that baby talk.


I like it like that.  Ho, yeah!


INSTRUMENTAL SOLO OVER:  E7  A7  E7  B7  A7  E7  [2x or 3x]


Would you walk that walk?  And talk that talk?

And whisper in my ear?  Tell me you got your longin'.

I love that talk when you talk like that.

You knocked me out, right off of my feet.


Ho, ho, ho, ho.  Well, talk and walk that walk.

Whoa, yeah!  Whoa, yeah!  Talk that talk.  [repeat and out]


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