Blue On Black

Words & Music:

Kenny Wayne Shepherd


All chords are usually played without the third:

D = x x 0 2 3 x | C(add2) = x 3 0 0 3 x | G = 3 x 0 0 x x | A5 = x 0 2 2 x x


D         C2  G       D    C2  G  [etc. for all verse lines]

Night falls----, I'm alone------.

Skin chilled to the bone

You turned and you ran

Slipped right from my hands




Blue on black.  Tears on a river.

C               G

Push on shove.  Don't mean much.


Joker on Jack.  Match on a fire.

C                G

Cold on ice.  A dead man's touch.

D                             C      G

Whisper on a scream.  Doesn't mean a thing.

      A5        G      [n.c.]    D      C  G  [back to verse vamp]

Won't bring you back.  Blue on black.




Blind, now I see

Truth, lies, and in between

Wrong can't be undone

Slipped from the tip of your tongue


CHORUS:  [recording version has:  Chorus - Solo 3x]



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