Bei Mir Bist Du Schön

Words & Music:

Sholem Secunda, Jacob Jacobs, Sammy Cahn & Saul Chaplin


Comments by Gordon Anderson:  Originally written in Yiddish by Jacob Jacobs (lyrics) and Sholem Secunda (music), for the Yiddish musical "I Would If I Could" in 1933. English lyrics written for the Andrews Sisters by Sammy Cahn and Vic Schön within a couple of days of the Nov 24, 1937 recording. 'Bei Mir Bist Du Schön" means "By Me, You Are Beautiful" - a triple entendre which could mean either "To me, you are beautiful", "Standing with me, you are beautiful" or "Compared to me, you are beautiful."



   Em                B7                          Em                          B7

Of all the boys I've known, and I've known some, until I first met you I was lonesome.

Em                            Am                     Em                    B7

When you came in sight, dear, my heart grew light, & this old world seemed new to me.


You're really swell, I have to admit, you deserve expressions that really fit you.

And so I've wracked my brain, hoping to explain all the things that you do to me.



    Em          B7            Em       B7

Bei mir bist du Schön, please let me explain,

     Em          B7            Em      B7

"Bei mir bist du Schön," means you are grand!

Bei mir bist du Schön, again I'll explain,

   Em               B7             Em

It means you're the fairest in the land!



              Am              B7        Em

I could say, "Bella!  Bella!" even say "Wunderbar!"

     Am                             B7

Each language only helps me tell you how grand you are.

     Em         B7         Em          B7

I've tried to explain, bei mir bist du Schön

Em              B7            Em

So, kiss me, and say you understand.


CHORUS:  [new lyrics]

Bei mir bist du Schön, you've heard it all before, but let me try to explain

Bei mir bist du Schön means that you're grand

Bei mir bist du Schön is such an old refrain, and yet I should explain

It means I am begging for your hand




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