Am I Blue?

(original Ethel Waters' version)

Words & Music by

Harry Aksy & Grant Clarke



F               F7               Bb             C7    F   C7

I'm just a woman, a lonely woman waiting on the weary shore.

F               F6                  Am                E7    Am  Adim

I'm just a woman that's only human; one you should be sorry for.

Gm                      Bbm        C7

Woke up this morning, along about dawn.

F         Dm         G7            C7

Without a warning, I found he was gone.

F                  F7                     Bb        G7        C7

How could he do it?  Why should he do it?  He never done it before.



     F           C9

Am I blue?  Am I blue?

            F      A7  D7   G7   Db7 C7   F   F6  Cdim  C7

Ain't these tears, in these eyes tel-ling you?

     F           C9

Am I blue?  Why, you'd be, too,

        F    A7   D7   G7  Db7  C7   F   Bb  Bbm  F

If each plan with your man done fell through.

            Am                  E7     Dm6  E7

There was a time when I was his only one.

         E7              Am     F#dim Gm7  C7

But, now I'm the sad and lonely one...lone-ly...

F           C9

Was I gay?  Until todayÉ

          F     A7  D7    G7        Db7  C7  F   C7

Now, he's gone, and we're through.  Am-- I-- blue?


[freely over verse chords]

I know it, he's in Chicago and I'm down here in Birmingham.

Trying to get the money to go and find my honey.

I am, yes, indeed I am.

I've got the blues in my heart and my shoes want to start

And I'm in a jam,  terrible jam.


[freely over chorus chords]

Oh, don't ask me, "Am I blue?"  Why do you ask me, "Am I blue?"

Ain't these tears, in these eyes telling you?

How can you ask me, "Am I blue?"  Why wouldn't you be, too?

If each plan with your man has done fell through.

Don't I remember the time when I was his only one?

But look at me, now, I'm the sad and lonely one...

Oh, didn't I used to be gay?  Oh, until today...

Now, he's gone, and we're through.  Lord, am I blue?

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