Am I Blue?

(revised Bette Midler version)

Words & Music by

Harry Aksy & Grant Clarke

DM7  G7  DM7  A7#9


DM7                               G7           G9    D7    A7#9

I'm just a woman, a lonely woman, waiting on a weary shore.

Dm7            E9                Bm7             Bm6             A7

I'm just a woman, a lonely woman; the kind you should feel sorry for.


Well, I woke up this morning, around about dawn.


Without a warning, I found he was gone.

Dm7                G7                 Bm7        Bm6       A13  A7#5

Why did he do it?  How could he do it?  He never done it before.


     DM7 Em7  F#m7  B7#5b9  B7#5#9  Em7  Em6  Em7  A13

Am I blue------------------------?  Am I blue---------?

            DM7  D9  Db9        Em7  Bb9  A9  DM7     F9 BbM7 A7#5b9

Ain't these tears----, in these eyes--------- telling you?

     DM7 Em7  F#m7  B7#5b9  B7#5#9  Em7  Em6  Em7  A13

Am I blue------------------------?  Am I blue---------?

        DM7  D9   Db9  Em7  Bb9  A9  DM7       G9  DM7  Db7

If each plan with your man--------- done fell through.



F#m7  F#m6   F#m7  F#m6                 D6b5   Db7  D6b5  Db7

There was a time-------- when I was his own, I was.

     D6b5  Db7  D6b5  Db7                F#m7  F7b9  Em7  A13

But, now---------------- I'm the sad and lonely one...


      DM7 Em7  F#m7  B7#5b9  B7#5#9  Em7            Em6   Em7  A13

Was I gay-------------------------?  Well, that was yesterday.

                        DM7  D9  Db9         Em7   Bb9  A9 DM7  FM7  AbM7  DM6/9

'Cause, now that man is gone------- and we are through.


This is the anonymously posted, but brilliantly done tab for this song from the GuitareTab site.  If you know the poster, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due!


AM I BLUE-by Grant Clarke & Harry Akst-from Bette Midler"s

               "THE DIVINE MISS M"




        Dmaj7                 G7               Dmaj7

 hold chord and pedal top notes-----------slide into chord








          A7#9               Dmaj7

                              I'm just a woman    a lonely woman








           G7          G9     D7                       A7#9

          waiting on a weary shore








         Dmaj7            E9                             Bm7

        I'm just a woman            a lonely woman       the kind








                Bm6           A7

        you should feel sorry for









         Well I woke up this morning around about dawn









        without a warning I found that he was gone








          Dmaj7                    G7

        why did he do it           how could he do it








         Bm7       Bm6       A13       A7#5

          he never done it before








        VERSE 1

                Dmaj7/ Em7/ F#m7/ B7#5b9 B7#5#9  Em7/ Em6/

        Am I blue                                am I blue


        Em7/ A13/           Dmaj7/ D9 Db9        Em7/ Bb9 A9

                 ain't these tears       in these eyes


         Dmaj7/    F9/ Bbmaj7 A7#5b9

         tellin' you


        VERSE 2

        Dmaj7/ Em7/ F#m7/ B7#5b9 B7#5#9   Em7/   Em6/   Em7/ A13/

        Am I blue                        you would be too


              Dmaj7/ D9 Db9        Em7/ Bb9 A9 Dmaj7/   G9/ Dmaj7//Db7

        if each plan        with your man     done fell through



        F#m7/ F#m6     F#m7/ F#m6/              D6b5/ Db7/D6b5/ Db7/

        There was a time          when I was his own I was


            D6b5/ Db7/ D6b5/ Db7/                F#m7/ F7b9 Em7/ A13

        but now                  I'm the sad and lonely one


        VERSE 3:

        Dmaj7/ Em7/ F#m7/ B7#5b9 B7#5#9   Em7/       Em6/    Em7/A13

        Was I gay                       well that was yesterday


                             Dmaj7/ D9 Db9           Em7/  Bb9 A9

        cause now that man is gone         and we are through


        Dmaj7  Fmaj7  Abmaj7  Dmaj6/9



       Chords used in verses:

       Dmaj7   Em7  F#m7  B7#5b9  B7#5#9 Em6 A7#5b9  A13  D9








        Db9  Bb9  A9  F9  G9  Bbmaj7  Db7








        Chords in Break and ending:

        F#m6  Dma.6b5  F7b9      Fmaj7  Abmaj7  Dma.6/9







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