The Wanderer

Words & Music:

Ernie Maresca & Dion Dimucci



I'm the type of guy who never settles down.

Where pretty girls are, you'll know that I'm around.


I kiss 'em and I love 'em 'cause to me they're all the same.


I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em, they don't even know my name.

                 A                   G

They call me The Wanderer, yeah, The Wanderer.


I roam 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round.


There's Flo on my left and there's Mary on my right,

And Janie is the girl that I'll be with tonight.

And when she asks me which one I love the best,

I tear open my shirt and show Rosie on my chest.

'Cause I'm The Wanderer, yeah, The Wanderer;

I roam 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round.




Well, I roam from town to town,

Live life without a care, I'm as happy as a clown.

        B7                        A7

With my two fists of iron but I'm goin' nowhere.


I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around.

I'm never in one place; I roam from town to town.

And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl,

I hop right into that car of mine and drive around the world.

'Cause I'm The Wanderer, yeah, The Wanderer;

I roam 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round.






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