Two Little Hitlers

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus (Elvis Costello)


A                 E

Why are we racing to be so old?

A                             E

I'm up late pacing the floor I won't be told

A                          E             D

You have your reservations I'm bought and sold


I'll face the music I'll face the facts


Even when we walk in polka dots and chequer slacks

A                    E

Bowing and squawking Running after titbits

A                     E7

Bobbing and squinting Just like a nitwit




Two little Hitlers will fight it out until

E                                      A

One little Hitler does the other one's will

  D       E            D           E

I will    return     I will    not burn


Down in the basement

A                       E

I need my head examined I need my eyes excited

A                          E7

I'd like to join the party But I was not invited

A                       E7

You make a member of me I'll be delighted


I wouldn't cry for lost souls, you might drown


Dirty words for dirty minds Written in a toilet town

A                   E7

Dial me a Valentine She's a smooth operator

A                      E7

It's all so calculated She's got a calculator

A                              E7

She's my soft touch typewriter And I'm the great dictator





A simple game of self-respect

E                          A

You flick a switch and the world goes off

E                     A

Nobody jumps as you expect

E                                   F#m           E

I would have thought you would have had enough by now

A                         E7

You call selective dating For some effective mating

A                                E7

I thought I'd let you down, dear But you were just deflating

A                           E7

I knew right from the start We'd end up hating


Pictures of the merchandise Plastered on the wall


We can look so long as we don't have to talk at all

A                             E7

You say you'll never know him He's an unnatural man

A                             A

He doesn't want your pleasure He wants as no one can

A                             E7

He wants to know the names of All those he's better than



  D      E

I will return

  D        E

I will not burn  . . . . .






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