Words & Music:

Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)



Hush, little baby, don't you cry.

When we get to Tucson you'll see why.

We left the snowstorms and the thunder and rain

For the desert sun, we're gonna be born again.

E                A

What's important in this world?

E             E7

A little boy, a little girl?


Hush, little darling, go to sleep.

Look out the window and count the sheep

That dot the hillsides and the fields of wheat

Across America, as we cross America.

What's important here today?

The broken line on the highway?



G                   D

All the love in the world for you, girl,

G               D

Thumbelina in a great, big, scary world.

G                   D

All the love in the world for you, girl,

G                      E7

Take my hand and we'll make it through this world.


Hush, little baby, my poor little thing.

You've been shuffled about like a pawned wedding ring.

It must seem strange, love was here then gone.

And the Oklahoma sunrise becomes the Amarillo dawn.

What's important in this life?

Ask the man who's lost his wife.


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