This Town

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)

Tabbed by Kunihiro Kawamata


G/D  D/F#  G


                 C        G              C   G

That Charlie Sedaka was a-playing the piano

              C                 F  A/E

Like he was pawing a dirty book.

Dm           A          Dm          A

He bit a hole in his big bottom lip and gave his

Dm                      G

Very best little boy look.

C            G       C             G

It was a song with a topical verse which I'm

      C                          F  A/E

Afraid he then proceeded to sing.

Dm             A        Dm            A

Something about the moody doomed love of

   Dm            G

The Fish-Finger King.



      Em   Bm    Em                 Em   Bm    D

You're nobody in this town.  You're nobody in this crowd.

Em   Bm     Em    Bm      Em                            D

You're nobody 'til everybody in this town thinks you're poison,

C                         Am

Got your number, knows it must be avoided

G         D/F#     Am           Cm                         G

You're nobody 'til everybody in this town thinks you're a bastard


D  D/F# G


Mr. Getgood moved up to Self-Made Man Row

Although he swears that he's the salt of the earth

He's so proud of the "kick-me-hard" sign that they hung on his back at birth

He said "I appreciate beauty, if I have one, then it's my fault"

"Beauty is on my pillow, beauty is there in my vault"


CHORUS:  [then:  C  G  (4x)]


The girl with the eternity rock went down on her bookie to buy some stock

Now all her signs in the shopping arcades say

"The corporation thief is The New Jesse James"

Her clothes and her attention were scant,

Her eyes were everywhere, her eyes were like Absinthe.

The little green figures that dance on his screen

Say everything you want to hear and nothing they mean

They made love while she was changing her dress

She wiped him off she wiped him out and then she made him confess

A little amused by the belief in her power

You must remember this it was the fetish of the hour



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