Start Me Up

Words & Music:

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards


Traditionally, Keith Richards has his guitar tuned to an open G tuning (D G D G B D) and has removed the lowest string.  That is why I've included Michael Vriesekolk's tab bits for this song below, he has tabbed it accurately.  This song is also fully transcribed in both Guitar World and the first issue of Guitar Edge.



                             P          M   M







If you start me up, if you start me up I'll never stop.

If you start me up, if you start me up I'll never stop.

I've been running hot, you got me ticking, gonna blow my top

If you start me up, if you start me up I'll never stop.










D |--------------------------------|

B |10------10--10--10--------------|

G |10------10--10--10--8---7---5---|

D |10------10--10--10--8---7---5---|

G |10------10--10--10--8---7---5---|

* = This chord is not really played. You already played it (the last chord in the intro) The chord is just carried into the chorus.


You make a grown man cry.

Spread out the oil, the gasoline.

I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine


Start it up.  If you start it up,

Kick on the starter give it all you got, you got, you got.

I can't compete with the riders in the other heats.

If you rough it up, if you like it you can slide it up, slide it up.


CHORUS:  [new words]

Don't make a grown man cry.

My eyes dilate, my lips go green.

My hands are greasy, she's a mean, mean machine.


Start it up.  If you start me up, give it all you got.

You got to never, never, never stop

Never, never, Slide it up.


CHORUS:  [new words]

You make a grown man cry.

Ride like the wind at double speed.

I'll take you places that you've never, never seen.


Start it up, love the day when we will never stop, never stop,

Never stop, never stop.

Tough me up, never stop, never stop, never stop.


CHORUS:  [new words]

You, you, you make a grown man cry.

You, you make a dead man come.

You, you make a dead man come.


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