Songs From The Wood

Words & Music:

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)


C                Bb    Cm   Dm  G7sus4

Let me bring you songs from the wood.

Eb6(9)                G        Csus4        F

To make you feel much better than you could know.

G                  F           G                F

Dust you down from tip to toe, show you how the garden grows,

G                          F

Hold you steady as you go, hold steady as you

Bb       F             Gm

Join the chorus if you can.

      Ab      Eb            Fm   C

It'll make of you an honest man.

C                Bb   Cm   Dm  G7sus4

Let me bring you love from the field.

Eb              G                 F

Poppies red and roses filled with summer rain.

   G/F                F                   G/F             F

To heal the wound and still the pain that threatens again and again.

       G/F             F

As you drag down every lovers' lane.

Bb           F  Eb  F/Eb  Gm

Life's long celebration's here.

     Ab        Eb     Db    Fm    C

I'll toast you all in penny cheer

               Bb/D  Cm     Dm  G7sus4

Let me bring you all things refined

Eb    Bb      G          G/C        C

Galliards and Lute songs served in chilling ale.

G/F         F          F/C

Greetings!  Well met!  Fellow, hail!

F G/F            F         F/C      F      G/F      F/C       F

I am the wind to fill your sail.  I am the cross to take your nail.

  Bb     F        Eb F/Eb F/G  Am

A singer of these ageless times

     Ab      Eb        Db     Fm    C

With kitchen prose and gutter rhymes

Em             G  D/F#                 B

Songs from the Wood make you feel much better!


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