Something To Talk About

Words & Music:

Shirley Eikhard


This was a huge hit for Bonnie Raitt that restarted her career.


INTRO:  A  E  A  E  A  E  F#m  G  D  E


A                 D/A   A                 D/A  A

People are talking----, talking 'bout people.

A                 D/A   A                 D/A  A

I hear them whisper---, you won't believe it.

D                      G/D D              G/D  D

They think we're lovers--- kept under cover.

A              D/A   A

I just ignore it---, but they keep saying



   F#m                     G        F#m                     G

We laugh just a little too loud, we stand just a little too close.

   C                       F

We stare just a little too long,


Maybe they're seeing something we don't, darlin'.



A                            E

Let's give them something to talk about.  [3x]

E         F#m  G  D   F

How about lo---o--ove?


I feel so foolish, I never noticed.

You'd act so nervous, could you be falling for me?

It took a rumor to make me wonder.

Now I'm convinced I'm going under.

Thinking 'bout you every day.

Dreaming 'bout you every night.

I'm hoping that you feel the same way.

Now that we know it, let's really show it, darlin'.


CHORUS:  [2x - second time instrumental]


CHORUS:  [Repeat, but use these chords:]

   / C - - - / / C - G - / Am Bb F G# /


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