Somebody To Love

Words & Music:

Freddie Mercury


[n.c.]  G D/F#  Em  Em7/C  D    C  D        G

Can---  a-ny----bo--dy---- find me somebody to love?


G    D/F#    Em    Em7    C    D    G/D    C/D


     G         D/F#     Em    Em7         G      A           D

Each morning I get up I die a little, can barely stand on my feet.

       G    D/F#   Em         Em7/C  A                          D

Take a look in the mirror and cry,  "Lord, what you're doing to me!

       G            A        D/F#                 D          A/C#     D     C

I have spent all my years in believing you, but I just can't get no relief, Lord!"

G                            D7   Em   Em7/C      D       G    D/F#  Em  Em7  C  D

Somebody, somebody!   Can anybody find me---- somebody to love?


I work hard every day of my life; I work 'til I ache my bones.

At the end, at the end of the day I take home my hard-earned pay all on my own

I get down on my knees, and I start to pray 'til the tears run down from my eyes:

"Lord, somebody, somebody!   Can anybody find me somebody to love?"  [to G7]



He works hard, everyday, I try and I try and I try!

     A                                                 Gm

But everybody wants to put me down, they say I'm going crazy.


They say I got a lot of water in my brain, I ain't got no common sense

A            A7                D   G  D   G  D   G  D   G  D

I got nobody left to believe.  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!



G    D/F#    Em    G#    A    D

G    D/F#    Em    A     D

G    A       D     A/C#  D    C


Somebody, somebody!   Can anybody find me somebody to love?


G   D/F#   Em   Em7   C   D


Got no feel, I got no rhythm, I just keep losing my beat.

I'm ok, I'm alright, ain't gonna face no defeat.

I just gotta get out of this prison cell.  Someday I'm gonna be free, Lord!



Find me somebody to love.  [repeated a capella & vocals built on the G chord]


G   D/F# Em     Em7/C  Em7/D   [n.c. - a capella]

Can any--body   find-- me------somebody to----- love?


CHORUS:  [6x]


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