Words & Music:

Big Audio Dynamite


I still need the chords to this B.A.D. classic.


If I had my time again, I would do it all the same.

And not change a single thing, even when I was to blame.

For the heartache and the pain that I caused throughout my years.

How I'd love to be your man through the laughter and the tears.



Situation: no-win.  Rush for a change of atmosphere.

I can't go on, so I give in.  Gotta get myself right out of here.


Now, I'm fully grown and I know where it's at.

Somehow I stayed thin while the other guys got fat.

All the chances that I've blown and the times that I've been down.

I didn't get too high, kept my feet on the ground.




INTERLUDE:  [over ambient background sound & music samples]

Yes, it's delightful, delightful

"Rush for a change of atmosphere..."

.. I wish I could sing like that. Not everything is singing you know.

The only important thing these days, is rhythm and melody.

Rhythm ...and melody.

... A time to laugh, A time to cry...


And of all my friends, you've been the best to me.

Soon will be the thing when I will pay you handsomely.

Broken hearts are hard to mend, I know I've had my share.

But life just carries on even when I'm not there.


CHORUS:  [2x]


OUTRO:  [2x]

Gotta get myself right.

Gotta get myself right.

Gotta get myself right outta here.


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