Runaround Sue

Words & Music:

Ernie Maresca & Dion Dimucci



Here's my story, it's sad but true.


It's about a girl that I once knew.


She took my love, then ran around


With every single guy in town.



Hey, hey, um-da-da-da-di.


Hey, hey, um-da-da-da-di-di.


Hey, hey, um-da-da-da-di-di.


Hey, hey, oooooooooohhhhh.


I guess I should have known it from the very start

This girl would leave me with a broken heart.

Now, listen people, what I'm telling you,

I keep away from Runaround Sue.


Her amazing lips and the smile from her face

The touch of her hand and this girl's warm embrace

So if you don't want to cry like I do

Keep away from Runaround Sue.



G                            D

She likes to travel around.  She'll love you, then she'll put you down.

G                                 A

Now, people let me put you wise:  she goes out with other guys.


And the moral of the story from the guy who knows.

I've been in love and my love still grows.

Ask any fool that she ever knew;

They'll say: "Keep away from Runaround Sue."


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