Rocky Mountain Way

Words & Music:

Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale, Ken Passarelli & Rocke Grace

(from "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get"  Tabs bits by Richard Iliff & GW)


This is fully transcribed in Guitar World.  There are three guitars.  Guitars 1 & 2 are in standard tuning and Guitar 3 is in open E (E B E G# B E), since it is used for the slide part.


Main riff:                                                         A to E5 riff:

      E              E6    E5    E         E6    E5                 A       E5

e---------------|---------------------|----------------------|    |-------------|

B-------9--9----|----------------9--9-|-----------------9--9-|    |-------------|

G-------9--9----|---(9)----9-----9--9-|----(9)---9------9--9-|    |---2---------|

D-------9--9----|----11----9-----9--9-|----11----9------9--9-|    |---2---------|

A-------7--7----|----7-----7-----7--7-|----7-----------------|    |---0-----2---|

E-----0---------|-0------0-----0------|-0------0----0--------|    |-0---3b4-0---|


INTRO:  E  E6  E5 [8x]  |  D/E  E  E6  E5 E6 [3x]  |  D/E  E  A


E5                                     A   E5 [A to E5 riff]

Spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way.

Couldn't get much higher.

Out to pasture think it's safe to say,

E5               E5/G E7/G#

Time to open fire.



       A7                                             E7  [E7 riff]

And we don't need the ladies cryin' cause the story's sad.  Ah, ha!


      E7 riff:








           A7                                           B7

'Cause the Rocky Mountain Way is better than the way we had.  Oh!


D/E  E  E6  E5  E6 [3x]  D/E  E


Well, he's tellin' us this and he's tellin' us that; changes it everyday.

Says it doesn't matter.

Bases are loaded and Casey's at bat, playin it play-by-play.

Time to change the batter.




OUTRO: [instrumental solos over verse & chorus, then main riff vamp & out]


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