Rest For The Weary

Words & Music:

Marc Cohn


I still need the chords for this one.


My father was a working-man, but his work was never done.

He stood behind a counter and he smiled at everyone.

He bought himself a business, worked seven days a week.

Took a holiday for Christmas, then he fell asleep beside the tree.

But one day...



One day, there's love for the lonely.

One day, they walk in the sun.

One day, rest for the weary, rest for the weary ones.


Now, my mother stood beside him; she did what she could do.

But if you look at some old photograph, she looks tired, too.

I hope there was some laughter, 'cause I know there were some tears.

Now all I can say is I pray to God, that after all those years,

After all those years, that one day...




Now I'm just another traveler on another winding road.

I'm trying to walk some kind of line.

I'm trying to pull some kind of load.

Now, sometimes I move real easy, sometimes I can't catch my breath.

Sometimes I see my father's footsteps;

And, man, it scares me half to death.

But one day...




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