Red Rubber Ball

Words & Music:

Paul Simon &/or Art Garfunkel


Recorded by the boys themselves and as a hit for the group Cyrkle.  Enjoy!


C            Em          F         C

I should have known you'd bid me farewell.

          C             Em                     Am              G7

There's a lesson to be learned from this and I learned it very well

F                  G            C              Am

Now, I know you're not the only starfish in the sea.

Dm              Em                   F              G

If I never hear your name again it's all the same to me.



      Am                              Dm

And I think it's gonna be all right.  Yeah, the worst is over,

G                             F         C

The morning sun is shining like a Red Rubber Ball.


You never cared for secrets I'd confide.

For you I'm just an ornament, something for your pride.

Always running, never caring, that's the life you live.

Stolen minutes of your time were all you had to give.




The story's in the past with nothing to recall.

I've got my life to live and I don't need you at all.

The roller coaster ride we took is nearly at an end.

I bought my ticket with my tears, that's all I'm gonna spend.


CHORUS:  [2x]


OUTRO:  [repeat & out]

              G                                F          C

Yeah, it's bouncing and it's shining like a Red Rubber Ball.


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