Questions 67 & 68

Words & Music:

Robert Lamm


Gsus4    G    Bbsus4    Bb


C                Em             Am           C         F      Gsus4   G

Can this feeling that we have together, ooh, suddenly exist between?

Did this meeting of our minds together, ooh, happen just today, someway?



            C     Em      Am       C            F

I'd like to know, can you tell me; please don't tell me,

   F7                       D

It really doesn't matter anyhow.

     Gm            Bb               Eb

It's just that the thought of us so happy

   Ab                    Fm7                    Gsus4  G   Bbsus4  Bb

Appears in my mind, as a beautifully mysterious thing.


Was your image in my mind so deeply, ooh, other faces fade away?

Blocking memories of unhappy hours, ooh, leaving just a burning love?




Can this loving we have found within us, ooh, suddenly exist between?

Did we somehow try to make it happen, ooh, was it just a natural thing?




Yes it does now, baby - Questions 67 and 68.



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