Punky's Dilemma

Words & Music:

Paul Simon




FM7          Gm7                 C              FM7

Wish I was a Kellogg's Cornflake floatin' in my bowl takin' movies.

         Gm    FM7

Relaxin' awhile, livin' in style,

Bb                                         Am   FM7

Talkin' to a raisin who 'casionn'ly plays LA.

C/E      Dm7             Bb/D C/D    FM7

Casually glancing at his tou--pee.


Wish I was an English muffin 'bout to make the most out of a toaster.

I'd ease myself down, comin' up brown.

I prefer boysenberry more than any ordinary jam.

I'm a "Citizens for Boysenberry Jam" fan.


BbM7               FM7

Ah-----, South California.


If I become a first lieutenant, would you put my photo on your piano?

"To Maryjane-- Best wishes, Martin."

(Old Roger draft-dodger leavin' by the basement door),

Everybody knows what he's tippy-toeing down there for.




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