Pulling Mussels From The Shell

Words & Music:

Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook


Am         Am/G     Am/F              Am/E       Dm   Am Dm

They do it down on camber sands, they do it at Waikiki

C/G              G                                     F     C F

Lazing about the beach all day, all night the crickets creepy

E                      F      C               D/F#

Squinting faces at the sky, a Harrold Robbins paperback

E                             F        C                D/F#

Surfers drop their boards and dry, and everybody wants a hat



F     Am  Am/G     Am/F      Am/G Am    Am/G    Am/F  Am/G

But behind---- the Chalet, my holiday's----- complete

     Am         Am/G    Am/F Am/E

And I feel like William Tell

     Dm        BbM7    Am   Ab6+7  G6+7

Maid Marion on her---- tiptoed feet

                         C     G

Pulling mussels from the shell,

                         F       Bb7/Ab

Pulling mussels from the shell


    Am           Am/G   Am/F          Am/E            Dm   Am Dm

Shrinking in the sea so cold, topless ladies look away

C/G           G                                F   C F

A he-man in a sunken shower, shelters from the rain

E                        F        C               D/F#

You wish you had a motor boat, to pose around the harbor bar

E                           F         C             D/F#

And when the sun goes out to bed, you hook it up behind the car






Am       Am/G         Am/F          Am/E            Dm    Am Dm

Two fat ladies window shop, something for the mantelpiece

C/G                 G                               F     C F

In for bingo all the nines, a panda for sweet little niece

E                       F      C            D/F#

The coach drivers stand about, looking at a local map

E                       F       C                 D/F#

About the boy he's gone away, down to next door's caravan


CHORUS:  [2x]  [vamp on F  Bb7/Ab and out]


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