Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Words & Music:

Warren Zevon


  C      G           D        C                      G      D   C

I lay my head on the railroad track and wait for the double-E

But the train don't run by here no more.  Poor, poor pitiful me.



C     G    D       G    C                  G   D   C

Poor, poor pitiful me!  Poor, poor pitiful me!

C           G           D      C

These young girls won't let me be!

C                   D              G

Lord, have mercy on me, oh, woe is me!


Well I met a girl in West Hollywood and I ain't namin' names.

Well, she really worked me over good, she was just like Jesse James.


She really worked me over good, she was a credit to her gender.

She put me through some changes, Lord, just like a Waring blender.


CHORUS:  [2x]


I met a girl at the Rainbow Bar, she asks me if I'd beat her.

She took me back to the Hyatt House, I don't want to talk about it.




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