Personal Jesus

Words & Music:

Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)


The Marilyn Manson cover of this is transcribed in Guitar World.


Riff 1:              Riff 2:                        Riff 3:

   [harmonics]          F#5                            B5         A5 G#5  G5

e|--------[12]--|    e|----------------|            e|-----------------------|

B|-[12]---------|    b|----------------|            b|-----------------------|

G|--------------|    G|----------------|            G|-------4---------------|

D|--------------|    D|-------4--------|            D|------------7--6----5--|

A|--------------|    A|----------------|            A|-2-5p2----5-7--6----5--|

E|--------------|    E|-2-5p2----5p2---|            E|------------5--4----3--|

[tabber unknown]



Riff 1 then [n.c.]                  Riff 2 [3x]

            Reach out, touch faith!



Riff 2  [3x - over "Your own", "personal" and "Jesus"]


Your own personal Jesus.

Riff 3

[B5                                           A5  G#5  G5]

Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares.

Your own personal Jesus 

Someone to hear your prayers, someone who's there.



F#5                                    A5                    E5

Feeling unknown and you're all alone.  Flesh and bone by the telephone.

B5(Bm)                     C#5               F#5

Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer.

Take second best, put me to the test.  Things on your chest you need to confess.

I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver.



G#  G                    F#5

    Reach out and touch faith.  [2x]




Riff 3 variation: B5  A5  G#5  G5  either C5 or C#5, then [n.c.] over drums.

Riff 2




BRIDGE:  [with "Your own personal Jesus" sung in between the repeated line]


BRIDGE:  [as given]


INSTRUMENTAL OVER F#5:  [with "Reach out, touch faith" in the middle]


BRIDGE:  [repeat with improv and out - last chord is F#5]

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