Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Words & Music:

Trevor Horn, Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin & Chris Squire (Yes)


This is tabbed in the November 2009 issue of Guitar Edge.


INTRO:  A5  B5/F#  C/G  D5 | A5  B5/F#  C/G  D5  G5  [3x]


A5           B5  C5  D5        G5

Move yourself----------, you always live your life

A5    B5   C5     D5        G5  [etc.]

Never thinking of the future--.

Prove yourself, you are the move you make; take your chances, win or loser.

See yourself, you are the steps you take.  You and you - and that's the only way.

Shake - shake yourself, you're every move you make; so the story goes.



A5       B5  C5  D5       G5  A5       B5  C5  D5             G5

Owner of a-- lonely heart--.  Owner of a-- lonely heart. (much better than a...)

A5       B5  C5  D5       G5  A5       B5  C5  D5       G5  D7(no 3rd)

Owner of a-- lonely heart--.  Owner of a-- lonely heart--.


Say you don't want to chance it, you've been hurt so before.

Watch it, now, the eagle in the sky.  How he dancin' one and only.

Be yourself, give your free will a chance.

You've got to want to succeed.




BRIDGE:  A   C/A  G/A  | A  C/A   G/A          A   C/A  G/A

                            Owner of a lonely heart------.

G/A     A                        C/A      G/A

After my own indecision, they confused me so.

                              Own------er of a lone-

G/A            A                            C/A  G/A

My love said, "Never question your will at all."

ly      heart---------------------.

G/A    A                          C/A    G/A

In the end you've got to go, look before you leap.

                             Own----er-- of  a lonely


And don't you hesitate at all, no, no.



BREAKDOWN:  G#13 [4 stop chords]  E13  F13  F#13  G13  G#13


INSTRUMENTAL SOLO OVER:  A5  B5  C5  D5  G5  [vamp]


INTERLUDE:  A7sus4  Dsus4  D5  [4x]


CHORUS:  [repeat and out]

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