Words & Music:

Aicha?  Khaled?



   Bm    G          D     A          Bm    G          F#m   E

e |----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------

H |----3-----0-----|----3-----2-----|----3-----0-----|----2-0-------

G |--4-----0-------|--2-----2-------|--4-----0-------|--2---0-------

D |----------------|0---------------|----------------|------2-------

A |2---------------|------0---------|2---------------|4-----2-------

E |------3---------|----------------|------3---------|--------------

[throughout the whole song except bridge]



So sweet, so beautiful, everyday like a queen on her throne.

Don't nobody knows how she feels.  Aicha, lady, one day it will be real.


She moves, she moves like a breeze.  I swear I can't get her out of my dreams.

To have her shining here by my side, I'd sacrifice all them tears in my eyes.



Aicha, Aicha, passing me by.  (There she goes, again.)

Aicha, Aicha, my, my, my.  (Is it really real?)

Aicha, Aicha, smile for me, now.

Aicha, Aicha, in my life.


She holds her child to her heart, makes her feel like she is blessed from above

Falls asleep underneath her sweet tears, her lullaby fades away with his fears




BRIDGE:  [another chord variation:  Bm  G  D  A  |  Bm  G  F#m  Em]

Em                    C        Em                   C

She needs somebody to lean on, someone body, mind & soul,

Am                            D                    Bm                   Em

To take her hand, to take her world & show her the time of her life, so true.

Am                      Bm                          B

Throw the pain away for good; no more contemplating boo.


Lord knows the way she feels, everyday in his name she begins.

To have her shining here by my side, I'd sacrifice all them tears in my eyes.

Aicha!  Aicha!  Ecoute-moi!





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