Outbound Plane

Words & Music:

Suzy Bogguss


E   B   A   B   E  [2x]


E                                          B               A

I don't want to be standing here with this ticket for this outbound plane.

E                                    B              A

'Cause I've been here before, but somehow it doesn't feel the same.

E                          B              A

Talk is cheap, so we could talk all night long.

E                            B                   A

We may never figure out just where our love went wrong.



A                                  Abm

I don't wanna be standin' here and I don't wanna be talkin' here,

F#m                              B

And I don't really care who's to blame.

          E          B          A        Abm              F#m        B        E

'Cause if love won't fly on its own free will, it's gonna catch that outbound plane.


The old folks say love's not forever anymore because these young people walk away.

From love alone, to pace the floor, young or old I say that love is still the same.

And you may walk away from love, but you'll fall head and heel again.





A                         Abm

Two lonely hearts in this airport knowing,

F#m                      B

Neither cares where that other heart is going.

       E          B          A        Abm

But if love won't fly on its own free will,

           F#m        B        E

It's gonna catch that outbound plane.


That crown you're wearin' is just your halo turned upside down.

Where is the laughter we once shared?  Back in the lost and found.

These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground.

You can have this ticket for that lonely plane that's flyin' out.




E   B   A   B   E  [3x]


E: 079900    B: 799800    A: 577600    G#m: X66400    F#m: X44200    B: X24440


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