Our Love

Words & Music:

Rhett Miller


G                                                      C

Richard Wagner's letters to his lover Mathilde were a mess.


He should have quit before he had written the address.

                      Dsus4  D       (Dsus2   D)      G

They made love on the mezzanine, her husband was his friend.


Vienna in a fugue-state working on a thing.


That when he finished it took almost seven hours to sing.

                       Dsus4     D      (Dsus2   D)      G

He still found time to write to her his heart-exploding words:



 G             Em                D

"Our love surpassed, our love so fast,

                 C                  D       G

Our love's all wrong, our love goes on and on.

             Em                D                              C

Our love became our love by name when I wrote it to you in a song.

              D       G    G    C    D    G    C D

Our love goes on and on."  Our love, our love...


Kafka in his letters to his lover Milena was alive.

But he was waiting for a love that never would arrive.

Their rendezvous was singular, her husband was his friend.

She is a living fire she is a reason to live.

She is killing me burning only for him.

I'll spend my whole life loving her my heart exploding words:


CHORUS:  [last line 2x]




CHORUS:  [last line 4x]


G  C  D  G


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