The Only Flame In Town

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)


E              F#m    

I know a girl, got my mind in a mess.

G#m                   A             G#m  F#m

I never heard her say goodnight and God bless.

      B                         E   F#m    G#m

She's not the only flame in town.


And when we're alone we never quarrel.

I'm miles away, now here's the moral.

      B                         E    E7

She's not the only flame in town.



A     B            G#m        C#m

She's not the only flame in town.

D                                   A                    E

She's got to stop thinking that I'm carrying this torch around.


[same chords as verse 1]

He struck a match and lit up her face.

We should have struck a match, girl, to burn down the whole place.

Now, you're not the only flame in town.


[same chords as verse 2]

But you blew hot and cold, turn my heart to a cinder.

And with each passing day, you'd be less tender and more tinder.

Now, you're not the only flame in the town.




[same chords as verse 1]

Thought I saw your face in the fire; but, it's so hard to remember.

Even an inferno can cool down to an ember.

Now you're not the only flame.


E   F#m    G#m                   E     F#m   G#m

             You're not the only flame

G#m                 E       F#m    G#m

You're not the only flame in town


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