Oliver's Army

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)


A                      D        E

Don't start me talking; I could talk all night.

A                        D          C#7

My mind goes sleepwalking while I'm putting the world to right.

F#m            B           F#m                  B       E  A 

Called careers information.  Have you got yourself an occupation?



                 D       E      A                 D        E

Oliver's Army is here to stay.  Oliver's Army are on their way.

A     A/G#    F#m       A/E      D    D/C#  E      A    D D/C# E6 E7

  And I would rather be anywhere else but   here today.


A                              D          E

There was a checkpoint Charlie, he didn't crack a smile.

A                          D                C#m

But it's no laughing party when you've been on the murder mile.

F#m            B              F#m                B          E  D  E6  E

Only takes one itchy trigger, one more widow one less white nigger.




G#m            F#            E          D#

  Hong Kong is up for grabs;  London is full of Arabs.

C#                F#         E              F#

   We could be in Palestine, overrun by the Chinese line

         E                            F#

with the boys from the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne.


B                      E          F#           B

But there's no danger.  It's a professional career,

                                 E               D#7             G#m

though it could be arranged with just a word in Mr. Churchill's ear.

                 C#                  G#m                   C#  F#    B    E  F#

If you're out of luck you're out of work; we could send you to Johannesburg


CHORUS:  [3x]


B             E E/D#   F#

     Oh oh oh oh___    Oh oh oh______


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