The Old Apartment

Words & Music:

Barenaked Ladies


[capo 3 ]


G       D           C9  [continue riff]

Broke into the old apartment.  This is where we used to live.

Broken glass, broke and hungry, broken hearts and broken bones.

This is where we used to live.


Em7 D       C9        Em7         D                 C9

Why did you paint the walls?  Why did you clean the floor?

Em7 D               C9       D                     G

Why did you plaster over the hole I punched in the door?


G       D                C9

This is where we used to live.

G   D                C9         G   D                G

Why did you keep the mousetrap? Why did you keep the dish rack?

G            D                                    C9              D

These things used to be mine.  I guess they still are, I want 'em back.


Broke into the old apartment.  Forty-two stairs from the street.

Crooked landing, crooked landlord, narrow laneway filled with crooks.

This is where we used to live.


Why did they pave the lawn?  Why did they change the lock?

Why did I have to break in?  I only came here to talk.


This is where we used to live.

How is the neighbor downstairs?  How is her temper this year?

I turned up your TV and stomped on the floor just for fun.


Em7 D    G        G/B       G/C  G

I-- know we don't live here any--more.

Am7  D             G        G/B G/C  G

We-- bought an old house on the Dan--forth.

Em7 D        G       G/B  G/C      G

She loves me and her body keeps me warm.

G   C9    D

I'm happy here.


But, this is where we used to live.

Broke into the old apartment.  Tore the phone out of the wall.

Only memories, fading memories, blending into dull tableaux.

G D         C9

I want them back.  I want them back.  (This is where we used to live.)  [3x]

G D         CM7

I want them back.


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