Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?

(truer chords)

Words & Music:

Norman "Hurricane" Smith


Norman was the recording engineer for The Beatles.  This tune went to #1 in 1972, in part because of the rough sound he had to his voice, due to recent throat surgery.  He never had another personal hit, but recorded, engineered & produced many tunes you know and love.  He died in March 2008.  This version more accurately reflects the vaudeville nature of this tune.


INTRO:  C   G#7   Dm7   G7+


C   Cm7  C Cm7    Cm7/6 Cm7  C Cm7

Have I-- a hope-- or--- half a chance


Cm7  A7/9  Am7 A7/9  A9   A7/9 Am7   A7/9  Am7  Dm  Dm7+  Dm7  Dm6

To-- e-----ven ask-- if-- I--- could dance with you?


Gdim Dm  Dm7+  Dm7



Dm6       Dm       Dm7   Fm      Fdim   C   C/B  Am7

Would you greet me or po-lite-ly turn a-way?


Am7/G       Dm     Dm7+  Fm     Fdim   C        C/B   B7

Would there sudden-ly be sunshine on a cold and rainy day?


    Dm   Dm7+  Dm7     Fdim      G7  Fdim  G7  G  Am7  G/B

Oh, babe--------- what would you say?


For there are you, sweet lollipop & here am I with such a lot to say.

Hey, hey!

Just to walk with you along the Milky Way,

To caress you through the nighttime, bring you flowers everyday.

    Dm   Dm7+ [Dm7     Fdim      G7  Fdim  G7    G]  Am7

Oh, babe,-------- what would you say?


CHORUS:  [2x]

B       C   G  C   G   B  C

'Cause, oh, baby I know,

  G   C           Gdim  Cdim  Dm  Dm7+  Dm7 Gdim   Dm  Dm7+  Dm7

I know I could be so--- in--- love--------- with-- you.

G  Am7 Dm7     Dm7/5-   Fm       Fdim     C

And I know that I could make you love me, too.

       Dm      Dm7+  Fm     Fdim     C   G  Cdim  Am7  Dm  Dm7+  Dm7

And if I could only hear you say you do----------------------------.

   Fdim   G7   Fdim  G7  Cdim  G7   G/B  C

But any---way-------, what would you say?


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