Naked As We Came

Words & Music:

Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)


You'll need to be able to fingerpick with a strong, independent bass line in order to get this one right.  An arrangement of this along with a lesson on the fingerpicking is in the June 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar.  Retune the guitar to drop-D (D A D G B E) and capo II to play along with the recording.


INTRO:  D(add11)  Em7  Em7/F#  Em7/B  Em7/A  [4x]


D(add11)            Em7  Em7/F# Em7/B  Em7/A  [etc.]

She says, "Wake up, it's no use---- pretending."

I'll keep stealing, breathing her.

Birds are leaving over autumn's ending.

D(add11)       Em7 Em7/F# Em7/B  Em7/A Asus2

One of us will die in-----side-- these arms.



Em7  Em7/F# Em7/B  Em7/A  Asus2

Eyes wide-- op-----en----------.

Em7  Em7/F# Em7/B  Em7/A  Asus2

Na---ked--- as---- we------ came.

Em7 Em7/F# Em7/B  Em7/A  Asus2

One will-- spread our--------

Em7  Em7/F# Em7/B Em7/A  D(add11)  [intro twice]

Ash--es--- 'round the--- yard.


She says, "If I leave before you, darling,

Don't you waste me in the ground."

I lay smiling, like our sleeping children.

One of us will die inside these arms.




OUTRO:  [play intro 3x and end on D(add11)


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