Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter

Words & Music:

Trevor Peacock (Herman's Hermits)


C    G6           F     G      C       G6  F G

Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter.

C        G6       F       G         C   G6  F G

Girls as sharp as her are somethin' rare.

F          C  F           C

But it's sad, she doesn't love me now.

F             C                F                G

She's made it clear enough, it ain't no good to pine.


She wants to return those things I bought her.

Tell her she can keep them just the same.

Things have changed, she doesn't love me, now.

She's made it clear enough, it ain't no good to pine.



Eb       G     F         Bb

Walkin' about, even in a crowd.

      Db              F    Bb                    G

Well, you'll pick her out, makes a bloke feel so proud


C      G6         F          G        C          G6       F   G

If she finds that I've been 'round to see you, ('round to see you...)

C        G6       F        G       C       G6      F  G

Tell her that I'm well and feelin' fine.  (feelin' fine...)

Don't let on, don't say she's broke my heart.

I'd go down on my knees but it's no good to pine.






OUTRO:   [repeat & out]

C    G6            F     G      C            G6     F    G

Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter... (lovely daughter...)


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