The Monster Mash

Words & Music:

Bobby "Boris" Pickett & Lenny Capizzi


G                                               Em

I was working in the lab late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight.

       C                                       D

For my monster from his slab began to rise and suddenly, to my surprise:



He did the mash - he did the monster mash.

The monster mash - it was a graveyard smash.

He did the mash - it caught on in a flash.

He did the mash - he did the monster mash.


From my laboratory in the castle east to the master bedroom where the vampires feast.

The ghouls all came from their humble abodes to get a jolt from my electrodes.





    C                            D

The zombies were having fun, the party had just begun.

    C                        D

The guests included Wolfman, Dracula and his son.


The scene was rocking, all were digging the sound.

Igor unchained backed by his baying hounds.

The Coffin Grinders were about to arrive

With their vocal group, the Crypt-Kicker Five.




Out from his coffin, Drac's voice did ring,

Seems he was troubled by just one thing:

He opened the lid and shook his fist and said,

"Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"




Now everything's cool, Drac's a part of the band,

And my monster mash is the hit of the land.

For you, the living, this mash was meant, too,

When you get to my door tell them Boris sent you.




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