Mean Mr. Mustard

Words & Music:

John Lennon & Paul McCartney


E                Esus4

Mean Mr. Mustard sleeps in the park,

              E               Esus4  E

Shaves in the dark, trying to save paper.

B7                      C7    C#7

Sleeps in a hole in the road.

D                         C#7    C7

Saving up to buy him some clothes.


Keeps a 10 bob note up his nose.

       E        C    B7       E         C    B7

Such a mean old man---, such a mean old man---.


His sister Pam works in a shop,

She never stops, she's a go-getter.

Takes him out to look at the Queen.

Only place that he's ever been.

Always shuts out something obscene.

Such a dirty old man,

Dirty old man, dirty old man.


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