Words & Music:

They Might Be Giants


F           C

Glass of milk

G                     Bb                       C            C7     F

Standing in between extinction in the cold and explosive radiating growth.

Bb      F          Bb                F          Bb        F

So, the warm blood flows through the large four-chambered heart

Bb  F           C    Dm     Bb       F         C

Maintaining the very high metabolism rate they have.



Bb   C     Bb   C

Mammal...  Mammal...

F               Bb     Gm            C

Their names are called, they raise a paw.

    F        Bb   F           Bb     Gm           C

The bat, the cat, dolphin and dog, koala bear and hog


F   F/E    F/D    F/C    Bb    Gm    C


F             Bb           Gm             C                       F

One of us may lose his hair, but you’re reminded that it once was there.

Bb                 Gm           C              F

From the embryonic whale to the monkey with no tail.

So, the warm blood flows with the red blood cells

Lacking nuclei through the large four-chambered heart.

Maintaining the very high metabolism rate they have.




Bb   F           C      Gm     Bb         F   C

The scent of the sister of her brother Marsupial

Their cousin called Monotrane, dead uncle Elutherial




    F        Bb    F         Bb         Gm      C   Dm

The fox, the ox, giraffe and shrew, the kit and caribou.


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